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Mortgage Deal

It ain't over 'till the bank manager signs

All that paperwork is just a maybe: you don't have a mortgage deal until the lender has received the surveyor's report and seen proof of your income. Without a formal letter of offer from the lender, your mortgage might not happen which is why you should start the process early.

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Mortgage Comparison UK

Can't be bothered comparing rates? Go to a one-stop shop

To make an informed mortgage comparison UK customers should look at a wide range of products from a wide range of lenders which is time consuming and very, very boring. Why not go to a one stop shop instead? We enable you to compare hundreds of mortgages right here.

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Mortgage Comparison

The small print you need to pay close attention to

Mortgage comparison is about more than just the interest rate. Check the small print carefully and compare everything from arrangement fees to early repayment penalties. If you look closely at the terms and conditions you may well find that the perfect mortgage isn't so perfect after all.

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Mortgage Company

What's the difference between a bank and a mortgage company?

In much the same way that Dixon's sells PCs but isn't a PC retailer, many firms offer mortgages as just another service. Dealing with a dedicated mortgage company is often a better bet, because mortgages are their entire business and as a result, they could be more flexible.

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Mortgage Calculator UK

Will a mortgage save you money?

Our mortgage and loan calculators make it easy to compare different options, and you can even discover whether a mortgage would be cheaper than continuing to pay the rent. With our mortgage calculators UK customers can look into remortgages or endowment mortgages, calculate stamp duty and explore other options.

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Mortgage Calculation

When you're doing your sums, think beyond the mortgage

For most people the mortgage calculation is a simple one: here's the repayments, can you afford them? However, there are other things to think about too. There's stamp duty, council tax and all the costs of moving home, and that's before you start redecorating your new abode. Budget carefully!

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Mortgage Broker UK

Mortgage brokers are bigger than you think

When you say the phrase mortgage broker UK customers tend to think of a one-man firm, but brokers can be very big firms indeed. Many big-name lenders offer a range of mortgages from different companies, and some brokers are backed by reputable firms.

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Mortgage Broker

Get someone else to find the right mortgage for you

A mortgage broker can help you find the best mortgage deal from a huge range of different lenders, saving you a great deal of time and uncovering offers you might not otherwise have spotted. A broker might also get special deals that aren't available to the general public.

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Mortgage Borrow

Don't overstretch yourself: make sure you can meet the repayments

When you take out a mortgage borrow only what you can afford. It sounds like common sense but it's all to easy to fall in love with a property that you can't afford. It's a temptation you should resist, because if you can't pay your mortgage you could lose your ideal home.

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Mortgage Advisor

Do you really need help to find the right mortgage?

Do you need a mortgage advisor? If you're looking for a standard mortgage, the answer is probably no: a bit of Web browsing can uncover stacks of different deals. However, if you need an unusual mortgage or if you have special requirements then an advisor can be a big help.

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Mortgage Adviser

Who can you trust to give you unbiased advice?

When you deal with a mortgage adviser it's important to ask yourself, "who pays this person's wages?" If you don't, you might fall into the trap of assuming that because someone sounds like they know what they're talking about, they're telling you the whole story.

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Mortgage Advice

Is the bank the best place to get mortgage advice?

Most lenders will provide free mortgage advice but your bank isn't going to recommend a competitor's products, and if they don't provide the right mortgage for you they might well try to persuade you to pick a less suitable product instead. It pays to ask around.

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Things to think about before applying for a mortgage

Before you start applying for a mortgage, it's important to think about the different products on the market and the ways in which you can make your mortgage cheaper. Some lenders won't let you borrow 100% of a property's value, while others go out of their way to welcome problem cases.

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London Mortgage

What if you don't have the capital to live in the Capital?

A London mortgage isn't the same as a mortgage for other parts of the UK: thanks to soaring house prices which are rising fast - borrowers need considerably more cash for even the cheapest home. Look for lenders with generous offers or consider teaming up with others in shared accommodation.

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Landlord Mortgage

If you're renting your property, a normal mortgage isn't enough

Lenders like normal mortgages: the people buying the property will live in it, and it's not for commercial use. If you're planning to buy properties and rent them out you'll need a landlord mortgage instead. Resist the temptation to get a normal mortgage and lie about your intentions.

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Interest Only Mortgage

How to keep your repayments as low as possible

The interest on a mortgage can be the same as the amount you actually borrow so repayments can be hefty. An interest only mortgage is a much cheaper way to pay, but it's important to note that your payments don't pay off the actual loan just the interest charged on it.

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Independent Mortgage Advice

The logos to look for when you're considering an advisor

There are plenty of organisations that regulate financial firms, but it's important to know what they can and can't do. A firm offering independent mortgage advice that's regulated by the Financial Services Authority is irrelevant, because the FSA doesn't regulate mortgage advice. Look for the Mortgage Code instead.

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Home Mortgage Rate

Buying a new home? Lenders will love you. Here's why.

Lenders' home mortgage rate will be considerably cheaper than their business mortgage rate or the interest rate charged for riskier purchases such as buy to let properties or holiday homes. That's partly because of the size of the market and partly because home owners are a safer bet than businesses or would-be landlords.

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Home Mortgage Calculator

Find out the total cost of moving house and get depressed

Most sites offer a home mortgage calculator, which you can use to work out how much you can afford to borrow. However, we go a step further by offering a range of calculators including one that works out the total cost of moving home.

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Home Mortgage

What is the most common type of mortgage?

The most popular kind of mortgage for lenders and borrowers alike is a home mortgage. Lenders particularly like home mortgages because the borrower will live in the property and, hopefully, look after it which means the loan is lower risk than if the property is rented to others.

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